Will the Guinness World’s Record for Hottest Chilli go to Chilli Bob’s Dragons Breath Chilli?

Is Chilli Bobs to become the new worlds record holder for the worlds hottest chilli?

The chilli world this week has been thrown a curveball with the announcement of a surprise contender for the world’s hottest chilli.

Surrounded by controversy over who the actual grower was, it has emerged that Chilli Bob of Rolleston, UK has produced a plant capable of producing chillies of up-to 2.48million SHU.

Initially, a Mike Smith of Tom Smith’s Plants in Wales seemed to have falsely claimed his stake as the grower. It has since emerged that he was simply looking after a chilli plant belonging to Bob Price and his son.

Given the close knit relationship of the UK chilli community and the speed at which chilli news travels, it wasn’t long before Bob’s name emerged. Not long after, news companies including the BBC were forced to retract and re issue corrected news articles.

Bob himself has said nothing is confirmed so far as the record is concerned and has requested that people read the article below:

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