We’re growing chillies in Rwanda

We're growing chillies in Rwanda

Since it’s inception, Thousand Hills mission has been to create a sustainable all year round supply of super hot chilli products. We’ve also yearned to grow chillies in Rwanda – our namesake. With our sister company Chilli Mash Company, we’ve managed to do this from February thru September. We’ve got growing sites in Senegal, two in Spain and two in the UK.

Now, in partnership with local farmers, we are planning to increase our supply by growing chillies in Rwanda. We’ll be growing Chocolate Carolina Reaper, Carolina Reaper, Chocolate Ghost, Ghost, Brainstrain, Chocolate Brainstrain and Moruga Scorpion – to name just a few varieties.

The chillies will be grown in the fertile Eastern Province of Rwanda. The sun shines here almost every day meaning we don’t need glass houses. As the soil is rich, we will also be trying to grow these chillies organically.

If you’re interested in super hot, fresh, Rwanda grown chillies around Christmas time this year, send us an email!

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