Our brand new commercial kitchen is equipped with some of the industries best appliances for producing a wide variety of different foods products.

Our equipment comprises of:

  • Our mill – with a through put of over 100kg per minute, this device enables us to roughly pre-chop everything from carrots to chillies at high rapidity.
  • Two steam jacketed kettles – these enable us to boil a wide variety of products to temperatures exceeding 100 deg C. They are ideal for producing jams and sauces. Complete with stainless steel paddles.
  • Two stick blenders – short shaft and long shaft for small and large batches.
  • Two piston filling machines for filling plastic and glass vessels with product volumes from 30ml to 5litres.
  • Two large ovens great for baking a wide range of different cakes and bakes.
  • A commercial coffee and spice grinder – with varying levels from course to very fine.
  • Two induction hobs for trial and test batches.
  • Other miscellaneous cooking pans, knives, stainless prep. surfaces and preparation equipment.
  • Not to mention our hood which is capable of extracting even the strongest of chilli smells.

Looking for a commercial kitchen to rent? We can rent our kitchen to you, for any use, and charge both by the hourly and daily.
It comes with a food hygiene trained member of staff on hand to work with you, chemicals for cleaning and use of any of our equipment.

You can also purchase containers, packaging and we can produce labeling to store or sell your produce in.

If you are interested in renting our kitchen,
prices start from £45(ex Vat) and you can enquire by sending an email to info@thousandhills.co.uk

We’re here to make your products for you.
Being a producer is really hard work. Not only do you have to make all your products but you also have to sell them.

Traditionally, out sourcing can be very expensive and requires you to commit to large volumes.
With our scalable production services, you only need to commit to a volume that suits you. We can help you source ingredients and packaging in bulk, often saving customers more money the additional cost of hiring us. Your recipes will be fully protected by a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement.

We also provide recipe scaling, nutritional information calculation and label production services.

Find out more by sending us an email info@thousandhills.co.uk


As we often purchase our own ingredients in bulk, we are also often able to supply them on to our customers at very competitive prices. As a brand of the chilli puree company – The Chilli Mash Company We can purchase in bulk and pass the savings on to you.


We have a wide range of bespoke unbranded packaging that we’ve developed. From 3 pack holders for jars to sleeves we’ve a range of bespoke unprinted and printable solutions.
Send us an email to find out more.

Labels and more

Over the years we’ve acquired skills and knowledge which we believe can help other small producers save costs when they’re getting started.

If you are interested in how we can help you reduce costs on labels, SEO, e-commerce and much more including website production, email us info@thousandhills.co.uk