Main Box Fire – Our Hottest Box Set – 4* Carolina Reaper Products – World’s Hottest Chilli

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Our ultimate set of pleasurable pain, where each jar has a unique flavour, lovingly infused with our own grown Carolina Reaper (World’s hottest chilli).

For this box set, each of the Jack Speak names have been chosen by one of our customers – read below for full Jack Speak translations.

Full Fearnaught is a full flavour, explosively hot, Carolina Reaper Chilli Sauce (65% Carolina Reaper).

Harry Von Turbo Red Pigs is an extremely hot Carolina Reaper chilli Jam (33% Carolina Reaper).

No Naked Lights is a delicious very spicy Carolina Reaper Chilli Oil (3% Carolina Reaper)

and finally Zulu Alpha is a Carolina Reaper infused chilli salt (3% Carolina Reaper).

If you are an RN Chillies fan, this set is completely brand new and a must have! Because we’re growing our own chilli for this set, we’ve only got 25 available.

Hurry – don’t miss out!

25 in stock

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