Limited Edition – Scran Rescue Pack 2017 – Christmas Gift – 4* 41ml


From our mildest flavour (Sundodger) to it’s Hottest (Full Fearnaught – Carolina Reaper chilli sauce), this box set has everything a matelot loves.

As it’s the only way to buy Hot Tot, (The brand new, special ‘Tropical Rum Hot Sauce’) it makes a very exclusive gift. The pack also contains two classic recipes, ‘Hot Grog‘ (September 2017’s bestseller) and Sundodger (sweet & seasonally delicious). These classics give this pack it’s full range of heats and flavours, making this selection our most versatile yet.

Because of this, the Scran Rescue Pack makes an amazing gift.  Or, why not indulge oneself with this ‘Limited Edition’ box set?

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