Thousand Hills is a Portsmouth based Chilli Sauce Company founded by Stephanie Kayirangwa and Natt Boarer in 2012. The business started when our friends tried some of our then homemade sauces and asked if they could buy them.
Our story, however, begins in Rwanda, East Africa where no dining table is complete without a pot of handmade chilli sauce. Thousand Hills, is in fact named after Rwanda – a country affectionately known as the ‘Land of a Thousand Hills’.

Stephanie Kayirangwa - Thousand Hills Ltd - CEO and Chief Recipe Creator

Stephanie Kayirangwa
CEO / Co-Founder

Stephanie’s role is CEO and chief recipe creator. Born in Rwanda herself, she brought our initial recipes handed down through generations of her family.

Natt Boarer

Natt focuses on marketing and sales. With a previous career in IT, he also operates our website. Brought up around a cake business, he had the chance to experience the food industry at an early age.

Rwanda - Land of a Thousand Hills and geographical birth place of Thousand Hills - The Original Portsmouth Chilli Sauce Company

Malaika Umutoni
Kitchen Supervisor

Malaika joined us in 2014 and has gained certifications in Food Safety allowing her to supervise day-to-day production in our kitchen. She was also born in Rwanda and is Stephanie’s younger sister.

Stewart Woolston
Business Advisor

In a chance meeting in 2015,
we met Stewart Woolston who was formerly in the Royal Navy. Since leaving he attained an MBA and has provided us with business and sales advice. (Along with some Jack Speak!)